Mantras for New Parents (and Even the Not-so-New)

Who has time to read parenting books? Certainly not people with actual babies and children in the house! Sometimes what parents need most is a simple, quick phrase to remind themselves of what is true and real. When you need re-centering, speak these brief phrases aloud or silently. Repeat daily, hourly, and every minute if you need to. The Universe may just respond with a burst of positive energy for you…

  1. This is temporary. My children won’t be this age forever. They won’t always need this much from me. They change like the wind, and as much as this stage seems to be dragging on, it will pass. I will flow into each stage as it comes.
  2. I am nurturing an entirely new person…so if I am not getting laundry done right away, returning every phone call on time, or handling other (less important) tasks perfectly, who really cares?? I am now responsible for monitoring the safety, developmental needs, and emotional well-being of a tiny, fragile, precious little human being – AN ENTIRE FREAKING PERSON! For goodness’ sake, I am engaging in the some of the most important work known to the human race – ensuring that it continues into the future!! Why should I also be expected to vacuum? Priorities, people!
  3. My mother, and her mother, and her mother before her…all survived motherhood, and I am the living proof. If they could do it, so will I, and I likely inherited their motherly wisdom and strength. I was made to do this. I’ve got this.
  4. Happy mama equals happy baby. So resting, eating, taking care of myself, is pretty much required for me to properly care for my little one. Nothing does more damage to a needy baby than a tired, cranky, “hangry” mama. I will care for me as I care for my baby.
  5. Children are blessings. Snotty, whiny, mischievous, and messy blessings, yeah. But blessings, nonetheless. Motherhood is a tough job, and a precious gift; I will honor it. mantra

Have you developed your own mantras to preserve peace and sanity in times of child-rearing? Feel free to share by posting in the Comments below. Ommmm…..


One thought on “Mantras for New Parents (and Even the Not-so-New)

  1. I cant believe how similar our thought process are! U echo all my feelings!! My whole blog is dedicated to “happy mom makes happy kids” concept! Lvd ur post


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