Where is your attention?

Black joy comes not from denial of racial injustice, but from Black sovereignty. Sovereignty = Freedom + Power. After the (understandable) flood of grief and anger, let’s focus our collective energy and attention on building. “The function, the very serious function of racism is distraction. It keeps you from doing your work. It keeps youContinue reading “Where is your attention?”

What are you doing about screen time?

Do you worry about the influence and impact of media on our kids? Black children take in more TV, music, and online videos than other groups of children and I worry about the impact that this has on their brain development, socialization, and self-image. But I also get tired of constantly arguing with my kidsContinue reading “What are you doing about screen time?”

Coming home

The other day, I heard a really good podcast interview of Tiffany Dufu, the women’s leadership guru and powerhouse author of “Drop the Ball.” Because Tiffany is, like me, an African American working mom with a Ghanaian husband, I wanted to feel camaraderie. Her message – that modern women should learn to do less andContinue reading “Coming home”

Are your “distractions” really your guides?

I’ve always been the good student. I went to “gifted and talented” school growing up, was voted “most likely to succeed” in high school, and graduated summa cum laude after four years of university. I had found my “thing” – academics. I loved school so much that I kept going for a long, long (long,Continue reading “Are your “distractions” really your guides?”

My activism: Unapologetic Black JOY

A child of a Black Panther and an escapee of the Jim Crow South, I grew up steeped in Black pride and an understanding that one of my core duties on this Earth (and requirements for survival) was resistance to an interlocking system of oppression that would love to see me and my kinfolk destroyed,Continue reading “My activism: Unapologetic Black JOY”

18 reasons my kids hang out on a farm

Some people ask me why I would “torture” my urban, Black children by dragging them up to the farm every weekend. After all, wouldn’t they rather stay home and play video games? After these folks get hit with an extended eye-roll, they get hit with the following list of 18 reasons. And then, I give them some free kale (because I’m generous like that).

10 Sci-Fi/Fantasy Novels for Kids of Color

When I was growing up, being a sci-fi geek seemed antithetical to being an urban Black kid. Or so I thought. Thank goodness that in recent years, thousands of melanated folks with a hankering for time travel, humanoid species, dystopian visions and other “out-there” phenomena have leapt out of the closet, blowing the white wash off of the fantasy/sci-fi genre and ushering in an age of Afrofuturism where a kid can be (get this) Black and nerdy at the same time. Lucky punk…

Mantras for New Parents (and Even the Not-so-New)

Who has time to read parenting books? Certainly not people with actual babies and children in the house! Sometimes what parents need most is a simple, quick phrase to remind themselves of what is true and real. When you need re-centering, speak these brief phrases aloud or silently. Repeat daily, hourly, and every minute ifContinue reading “Mantras for New Parents (and Even the Not-so-New)”

5 Ways to De-Stress with Essential Oils

Numerous scientific studies have uncovered the helpful effects of essential oils on pain, anxiety, memory, attention, mood, relaxation, and sleep. Whether inhaled through aromatherapy, applied directly to the skin (with a safe carrier oil), or ingested via tinctures and teas (more common in Europe than in the US), there is mounting evidence that these organicContinue reading “5 Ways to De-Stress with Essential Oils”

6 Time Management Tips for Creatives (and Other Folks Who Hate Time Management)

Corporate culture talks incessantly about time management and productivity….which is exactly why I have avoided both of these concepts like the plague. As a bona fide free spirit, I run away screaming from anything that smacks of “other people telling me what to do, how much to do, and when to do it.” I contendContinue reading “6 Time Management Tips for Creatives (and Other Folks Who Hate Time Management)”

What the Law of Attraction Really Means (And why it’s not that different from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)

Have you heard of the Law of Attraction? Of course you have.

The Simple Life (Isn’t So Simple)

“Living simply makes loving simple.” ~bell hooks Simple living is all about consciously choosing to live with less material possessions, reduced work time, and sometimes even less technology than the average modern American. How one chooses to design their simple life may look differently for each individual, but the underlying premise is to develop aContinue reading “The Simple Life (Isn’t So Simple)”