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NEW ONLINE COURSE: Self Care, Community Care


It is clear that our communities are very much in need of support, connection, and healing. Every time a tragedy occurs, we are all affected (either directly or indirectly, through social media and news coverage). The shootings of Philando Castile, Alton Sterling, Tamir Rice, Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin and too many others are collective traumas that require healing and recovery. So, too, are the more insidious assaults on our bodies, minds and spirits, as well as the ongoing realities of mass incarceration, economic disparity, workplace discrimination, bias in our schools, and everyday microaggressions that wear down our morale on a constant basis.

How do we cope, as communities and individuals, when our very humanity appears to be under attack? How do we stay aware and engaged of what is happening in our world, and yet remain strong enough to carry on with our lives and maintain the daily activities (work, school, family, community) that make our lives worth living?

How do we reclaim our joy and maintain hope, pride, and a sense of power when we are constantly reminded that our struggles to survive and thrive are still such struggles?

The answer: self-care (individual) and community care (collective). Self-care and community care are about coping and healing, but also about creating daily routines and rituals that serve to prevent you from burning out and losing the battle against trauma and stress. Self-care is as much about what you don’t do as it is about what you do.

“Self-care is a way of maintaining both wellness and balance in the energetic economy of social and economic intercourse. Activists and caretakers who do not attend to self-care are vulnerable to burnout, and burnout in turn can breed alienation from both issues and communities… Self-care and care of others needs to be balanced.”
-Layli Maparyan

I have designed a new course full of intense self-care practices that will help strengthen your spirit and soul in the midst of life’s turmoil. The course is designed to address self-care for individuals who are socially conscious and community-oriented. It is only through deep and intentional care of the self and those we value in our lives that we will be able to carry on through this critical time. Are you willing to commit to the inner work that it takes to remain whole through stress and strife?

Topics to be covered through this self-paced online course include:

  • Self-awareness
  • Acknowledging ancestors and elders
  • Self-acceptance and self-affirmation
  • Balancing acceptance and desire for change
  • Self-forgiveness and self-compassion
  • Connecting to family and community
  • Communicating feelings and needs
  • Healing through body-awareness and nature connection
  • Challenging internalized oppression
  • Extending empathy while setting boundaries
  • Developing critical consciousness
  • Taking back your self-time
  • Building a community care plan
  • Creating self-care partnerships
  • And more…

Each module contains a lecture exploring key concepts, and a demonstration of two or more practices for you to implement in your daily life.

You will complete this course equipped with a set of strategies to help you combat the anxiety, fear, frustration, and isolation so prevalent in our lives today, and especially following traumatic events.

This course will open for public registration on 9/1/16. To receive a special invitation to register for this course NOW at the early registration rate of $99, please sign up below.

I want to see you, and all of us, survive and thrive in this world. TAKE CARE!!


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