Where is your attention?

Black joy comes not from denial of racial injustice, but from Black sovereignty. Sovereignty = Freedom + Power. After the (understandable) flood of grief and anger, let’s focus our collective energy and attention on building. “The function, the very serious function of racism is distraction. It keeps you from doing your work. It keeps youContinue reading “Where is your attention?”

Should Black Parents Consider Montessori Schools?

As a mom, I’ve done A LOT of school shopping. I don’t mean the autumn ritual of purchasing school supplies. I mean shopping for schools – pouring over promotional materials, combing through websites, asking friends and community members for referrals to their favorite schools, attending open houses and orientations, comparing curriculums and educational philosophies, meetingContinue reading “Should Black Parents Consider Montessori Schools?”

Make your own: Black Soap

When my son was a baby, someone recommended African Black Soap for his skin, which was prone to eczema. My Ghanaian husband concurred; black soap is pretty popular in Ghana. But the stuff you find on the store shelves here in the U.S. is not quite like the stuff “back home” in West Africa. IContinue reading “Make your own: Black Soap”