Are your “distractions” really your guides?

I’ve always been the good student. I went to “gifted and talented” school growing up, was voted “most likely to succeed” in high school, and graduated summa cum laude after four years of university. I had found my “thing” – academics. I loved school so much that I kept going for a long, long (long,Continue reading “Are your “distractions” really your guides?”

6 Time Management Tips for Creatives (and Other Folks Who Hate Time Management)

Corporate culture talks incessantly about time management and productivity….which is exactly why I have avoided both of these concepts like the plague. As a bona fide free spirit, I run away screaming from anything that smacks of “other people telling me what to do, how much to do, and when to do it.” I contendContinue reading “6 Time Management Tips for Creatives (and Other Folks Who Hate Time Management)”

The Simple Life (Isn’t So Simple)

“Living simply makes loving simple.” ~bell hooks Simple living is all about consciously choosing to live with less material possessions, reduced work time, and sometimes even less technology than the average modern American. How one chooses to design their simple life may look differently for each individual, but the underlying premise is to develop aContinue reading “The Simple Life (Isn’t So Simple)”