What is AfroGranola?

Primarily, it is a blog highlighting the journey of a nature-loving, community-craving, boundary-pushing mom of four who is determined to stay happy, healthy, and socially conscious.

But AfroGranola is also an interactive space for all of us to explore the intersections of self, nature, community, and culture. It is a welcoming place for any and all who can relate to the joys and struggles of raising a family, building a community, and envisioning a better world…all while growing a self.

“I created the site to hold a space for connection – to myself, to you, to the world we inhabit together, and to a vision of beloved community. It’s my attempt to write what I know and care about, but also create the village that we all so desperately need.

~L. Danielle, bona fide free spirit and founder of AfroGranola

L. Danielle holds a PhD in Counseling Psychology and more than 20 years’ experience at the intersection of healer, activist, and nerd. Her research and writing span topics of mental health, nature connection, social justice, and parenting.

When she is not working on the farm, hiking in the redwoods, photographing flowers, or changing a diaper, she is available for guest blogging and consultation.


Reach out to L. Danielle at

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