New Normal

Homeschool Resources

  • – Muffy Mendoza is a brilliant sista out of Pittsburgh who offers homeschool strategy, online conferences and a moms’ support group for those in the PA region.
  • – Samori Camara was a teacher in New Orleans who decided to ditch what he calls the “Public Fool System” in favor of education for liberation. He now lives and teaches in Ghana, but his online classes, homeschool curriculum, and workbooks are available worldwide through the site.
  • – is the brainchild of Akilah S. Richards, a homeschool podcaster and writer who helps families wrap their minds and practices around the concept of radical unschooling. She argues that freeing our children from the practices of institutionalized learning is also an act of liberating ourselves.
  • Sankofa Homeschool Collective – this Washington DC-based community of African-centered parents and educators offers a full slate of writing, history, and arts classes for children of all ages each semester (and summer). Now with virtual offerings of their classes, the village of like-minded parents spans the globe.
  • Kibolebole Institute – a fun and affordable family-run online educational program featuring live classes with skilled teachers and an Afrocentric perspective. Classes tend to focus on science and math.
  • AYA Educational Institute – This is an amazing online school which offers full days of live math, science, language arts, and social studies classes for middle and high schoolers. Unapologetically Black and proud.
  • – an incredible resource for those seeking one-time or ongoing live classes on a plethora of topics, from Roblox design to math review. Kids from ages 5-18 can find classes of interest to them, and no commitment is necessary outside of their selected class(es).
  • – not free, but worth a premium membership due to the countless lesson plans, printable worksheets/workbooks, and online games covering reading, grammar, spelling, math, and typing for grades K-5. Super helpful if you are piecing together your own curriculum and just want raw ingredients to work with.
  • Fun Weird – Family run, Georgia-based STEM program with both live and online offerings. Sign up for a weeklong science course and they will mail your child all of the needed materials for five cool experiments, to be conducted while Zooming with the teacher each day.

Enjoy these resources, and let me know in the Comments what your “new normal” will look like in the coming months.


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