The Simple Life (Isn’t So Simple)

“Living simply makes loving simple.” ~bell hooks

Simple living is all about consciously choosing to live with less material possessions, reduced work time, and sometimes even less technology than the average modern American. How one chooses to design their simple life may look differently for each individual, but the underlying premise is to develop a sense of gratitude and satisfaction for you already have rather than enter the vicious cycle of always seeking more.

People may volunteer to develop a more simple lifestyle due to spiritual beliefs, economic concerns, or just a strong desire for a more healthy work/self/family balance. Many of our ancestors mastered the art of living simply out of necessity, and didn’t feel a need to call it a “movement.” But what does it mean to live simply in our contemporary world where we are constantly bombarded with ads, offers, and demands intended to get us to buy more things, sign up for more obligations, and clutter up our lives with never-ending stuff?


Make no mistake: living a truly simple life in America is a downright revolutionary act. It takes a lot to defy our modern culture of consumerism in order to maintain a decidedly minimalist lifestyle. But the benefits of a slower, simpler lifestyle can’t be beat. They include less stress, more time for meaningful pursuits and relationships, and a heightened sense of organization and clarity in one’s life.

If you’re curious about how to successfully live a less cluttered, more meaningful, and less frantic life, perhaps you can find some inspiration and support from the following sites. And be sure to add any other helpful resources that you find to the Comments section below. Happy simplifying 🙂

Resources for Simple Living:

Zen Habits: A great place to start, this post by Leo Babauta describes 72 ways to simplify your life.

Buy Nothing New: Excellent blog explaining the philosophy behind anti-consumer lifestyle and offering useful tips. Be sure to check out the “Who” section for a very nice list of cool related sites. Also, if you Google “Buy Nothing New Project” you’ll find lots of individuals and families around the globe attempting to replicate the pledge to avoid shopping for an entire year.

Midway Simplicity: Egyptian life coach, Mohamed Tohami, created this blog out of frustration that so many resources focus on radical changes that feel impractical to the average working person with a family. An emphasis on de-cluttering, but also some general tips for simplifying daily life.

Happy Black Woman: Entrepreneur Rosetta Thurman describes how “downsizing” her lifestyle and embracing minimalism helped to make her location-independent lifestyle possible.

Down to Earth: Rhonda and Hanno are a retired couple in Australia with a wide range of suggestions about budgeting, crafts, self-reliance, and how to focus on your home. Rhonda writes in a way that makes her feel like a wise, old Grandma offering you years of advice.

The Minimalist Baker: Husband and wife team Dana and John from Oregon share delicious recipes requiring only 10 ingredients, 1 bowl, and 30 minutes or less. Mostly vegan items with lots of gluten-free.

Becoming Minimalist: Blog by Joshua Becker about his family’s journey toward minimalism. Focusing on finding rational ways to de-clutter, de-own, and de-need your piles of stuff.

Thought Catalog: When the going gets tough, remember these 25 quotes that will help re-inspire you to simplify your life.


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