Do Crystals Really Have Healing Powers?

Hell if I know. But if so, that’s pretty cool, right? I mean, I guess it’s probable that natural formations which have been embedded in the Earth for hundreds or thousands of years might have come to embody certain energetic properties based on their unique vibrational frequencies. Minerals, gemstones, and crystals have been used since ancient times by cultures across the world to enhance physical, mental, and spiritual health.

And plus, they’re just so purrrty.

Either way, those of us walking through this harsh, cruel world could probably use any help we can get to lift our moods, protect our minds, and maintain positive vibrations. So if you’re into it, here’s a list of common crystals and the properties they’re thought to embody and cultivate:

But hey, I’m no expert. You might want to consult a Guide to Crystals for a more comprehensive review and explanation of crystals and their ascribed healing powers.

Whether you wear them in jewelry, carry them as stones, or simply name your kids after them, crystals are a part of our lives. Have you had any positive or negative experiences with particular crystals? What are your favorites, and why? Or do you think this is all rubbish? Fair enough…just drop me a line in the Comments section below and share your experience.



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